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Privacy & Terms

A few words | team eksource:

We believe if you want to nurture a long-term relationship with your Audience then you must be Transparent in Actions no matter whether they are materialized or not.
The Sole Objective of Our Company’s Privacy & Terms is something like that!
At Eksource, we respect our User’s Privacy and assure their specific Information which is sensitive in nature won’t be shared with the Third Party without their consent and knowledge.
So before moving ahead with us, it would be awesome to have a quick view on the Privacy Guidelines below:

Collecting Data | User’s Details

We gather general Information about Visitors like Names, Contact Numbers, Emails, Residential Addresses, and Age through our Website.Additionally, if we require some more for a particular Business Operation, we notify the User through Mobile Number and Email provided.

Defining Purpose | User’s Details

The Data we collect via Users is only exploited for understanding the diverse Behavior of Prospects who visit the Website and designing Targeted Sales and Marketing Campaigns accordingly.

Browsing Experience | Cookies

As a User visit the Web Pages of our Website, He/She is required to allow some specific files to store in the System to enhance his/her Browsing to a great level. Such files are known as Cookies.If you’re not comfortable with them, you may avoid the collection of Cookies.

New Updates & Development

The Backend Team regularly updates the Current Policy, Terms & Conditions. Our Users and Clients are advised to check them on the Website at frequent intervals and read the latest changes.
If you’ve any questions related to Privacy Statement, feel free to contact or email us.